Hey folks, I taped the guitar through my new mic – AT2020 USB+, this is a condenser mic with usb cable television and quickly access to your PC.

You can hear the sound quality is rather excellent in this video.

I have only used some EQs and the compressor for not clipping at all. The tunes I played are “Lastly Free” and “The Count of Tuscany” by Dream Theater.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+
The Good
  • Built-In Headphone Jack & Volume Control
  • "Audio Quality Well Above the Price Break"
  • "Great choice for a home studio"
  • "Overall a fantastic microphone! Well worth the price."
  • "Perfect usb condenser mic"
The Bad
  • "...stand is convenient, it takes a bit of getting used"
  • "...others might find the mic a bit heavy."
  • "it keeps giving a nasty feedback."


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