In this video, I’m doing the MANY THOROUGH comparison of @Taylor Guitars and @Martin Guitar. I have actually spoken with Bob Taylor, Chris Martin IV, and Andy Powers; I have actually seen factory tours, played dozens of models, checked out lots of books, and now … I’m prepared to end this dispute when and for all.

In order to give you the most holistic, the most detailed review of these 2 renowned guitar business, I have actually broken things down into 7 classifications: history, sustainability, production, basic design lineup, development, custom store, and artist lineup.

Beyond just taking a look at specific Taylor guitars and Martin guitars, this conclusive guide for Taylor vs. Martin will clarify topics no-other video has actually gone over.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments and I do hope you let me know how I did on assessing each category in concerns to Taylor vs. Martin.

For those of you short on time, here’s a quick overview of each classification …

Round 1: History
Martin takes the cake on this. As one of the oldest, continuously-run, family-run businesses in America. They built instruments during the Civil War, have made it through financial crashes and depressions, and innovated the whole time.
Martin: 1
Taylor: 0

Round 2: Sustainability
At very first glance, Taylor seems like the clear winner. With the sustainable harvest and cutting board company, Taylor has made huge strides. Nevertheless, Martin hasn’t been slacking off. Martin’s Smartwood Series is extremely sustainable. However what separates these 2 is Taylor’s near-zero wood waste in their production procedure. Hat’s off to Taylor. Make sure to see my interview with Bob Taylor!

Round 3: Manufacturing.
I have actually gone to both the Taylor and Martin factories. The large level of accuracy and workmanship– on a MASSIVE scale– is breathtaking. I was impressed by each one of these companies for their manufacturing efforts, for their ability to produce a high volume of high-quality instruments. However, I have to say … Taylor takes the cake in this category. Make sure to capture my explanation and tour of the Taylor factory to see why …
Martin: 1.
Taylor: 2.

Round 4: Model Offerings.
For this category, I wished to make sure that both Taylor and Martin have a variety of model offerings. I desire to see whatever from beginner guitars to performance guitars. Now, considering that Martin Guitars has actually been around for centuries, they have practically too numerous offerings. On the other hand, Taylor has a much more structured method to their guitar designs, every one with particular appointments and tonewood requirements. For this reason … Taylor wins this classification. Enjoy the full video to see why.
Martin: 1.
Taylor: 3.

Round 5: Development.
Let’s consider this one … Martin produced the dreadnought guitar, made the 14-fret neck, and introduced the X-bracing pattern. Martin essentially created the guitar that we understand and like today. Meanwhile, Taylor developed V-class bracing to excellent success, created a new neck bracing, and designed and developed the ES-2 pickup. All that being stated, I believe this is a tie.
Martin: 2.
Taylor: 4.

Round 6: Customized Store.
I have actually made customized guitars utilizing both the Martin customized store and the Taylor custom store. Both experiences were downright remarkable, and I enjoyed each one. While I developed 2 guitars, one from each shop, there was just one guitar that I truly wanted … and that was the Martin. Make sure to see the video to see why Martin won this classification.
Martin: 3.
Taylor: 4.

To see what I need to state about the Artist Roster for Taylor guitars and Martin Guitars, watch the complete episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

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