BIG innovations are coming from guitar makers in 2021. Find out about the newest and greatest guitar designs from luthiers that are making waves in the acoustic guitar market!

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In today’s video, I’m showing you the 10 guitar makers that you need to see in 2021. A few of them are small bench makers, some of them are big international makers. However all of them are making unbelievable acoustic guitars in 2021.

From Taylor to Mule Resophonic Guitars, each of these guitar makers is either pushing the envelope on acoustic guitar development or supplying guitars that are priced perfect.

In addition to discussing the 10 guitar makers you require to enjoy in 2021, I’m going to share with you the current acoustic guitar news from the industry. Whether it’s mergers, album releases, or artist announcements, I got you covered!

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00:00 – Intro.
01:10 – Mule Resophonic Guitars.
02:26 – Iris Guitars.
03:34 – Taylor Guitars.
04:55 – Bourgeois Guitars.
06:48 – Preston Thompson Guitars.
08:04 – Furch Guitars.
9:09 – Martin Guitars.
10:20 – Epiphone Guitars.
11:38 – Paul Reed Smith.
13:00 – Eastman Guitars.
14:42 – TAC Family Story.
20:29 – Acoustic Guitar News.