What makes a guitar great for playing blues guitar? Today, I’m going over 3 attributes to look for in a blues guitar. In addition, I’ll reveal you 5 of the BEST guitars for playing the blues.

To kick things off today, let’s dive right into the 3 things you REQUIRED to look for in a blues guitar.

1. Tone– You desire your blues guitar to sound great, plain and simple. Particularly, you’re looking for focused forecast and a sense of bark and grit in your blues guitar. In addition, search for blues guitars that do not have rich sustain and overtone qualities. You’re searching for a punchy, direct sound.

2. Ambiance– Whether you desire to call it looks, looks, or mojo, the vibe of a blues guitar is essential. When you’re playing a blues guitar, you wish to communicate that you imply business. It can be something as basic as a matte finish or as complex as a classic headstock inlay.

3. Playability– Pay close attention to finger-style comfort. Keep your nut width wide so you can do more intricate chord voicings, your string spread large so you have more space to fingerpick, and your neck to be comfy in your hands.

Using these 3 criteria, I assemble a list of the 5 BEST blues guitars made recently. These blues guitars might not be able to complete with classic classics, however they’re well worth the financial investment if you desire to play blues guitar.

5) Waterloo WL14L – https://youtu.be/YdqSKTOaZvk
4) Martin 00L17 – https://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/discontinued-guitars/00l-17-whiskey-sunset/
3.) Beard Decophonic Sidecar – https://www.beardguitars.com/deco-phonic-acoustic-sidecar
2.) Fraulini 12-string – http://fraulini.com/2017/07/lonnie-johnsons-mysterious-12-string/
1.) Gretsch Jim Dandy – https://youtu.be/M9ItoZHxrNA

You can capture my thoughts on each blues guitar at https://www.acousticlife.tv/at121

If I missed out on any blues guitars you enjoy, be sure to leave a comment below!

After going through the 5 blues guitars to examine out, I’ll discuss blues guitar book that may amaze you. It’s the “Stella Guitar Book” by Neil Harpe. There’s lots of abundant history, photos, and explanations of the Stella brand, so make sure to examine this book out.

Stella Guitar Book: http://www.stellaguitars.com/store/stella-guitar-book/

In addition to the “Stella Guitar Book,” there’s a terrific resource to have a look at for all things connected to blues guitars. It’s called the Vintage Blues Guitars site, and it has an excellent inventory of vintage blues guitars (no-duh, Tony!).


Finally, I’m featuring an amazing blues duo called Piedmont Blūz. Comprised of Valerie and Ben Turner, Piedmont Blūz is such a complete, dynamic duo that I can’t stop listening to. For some serious blues guitar motivation (and washboard development) make certain to check them out!

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