Meg takes a closer look at 6 of our favourite small classical and acoustic guitars that would be perfect for kids to learn on. Find out more about any of the guitars featured in this video at PMT Online…

Tanglewood Enredo Madena EM-C2:

Yamaha CS40 MkII:

Yamaha FG Junior JR1:

Yamaha APXT-2:

Taylor Baby BT-1:

Faith Nomad Mini Neptune:

00:00 Best Child Size Acoustic Guitars Intro
00:54 Tanglewood Enredo Madena C2 Features
02:15 Tanglewood EM C2 Classical Guitar Demo
02:53 Yamaha CS40 MkII Features & Specifications
04:00 Yamaha CS40 MkII Demo
04:33 Yamaha FG Junior JR1 Features & Specifications
06:02 Yamaha JR1 Demo
06:39 Yamaha APXT-2 Features & Specifications
08:17 Yamaha APXT-2 Demo
08:44 Taylor BT-1 Baby Features & Specifications
10:25 Taylor Baby BT1 Demo
11:00 Faith Nomad Mini Neptune Features & Specifications
12:51 Faith Mini Neptune Demo
13:44 Where To Buy Best Guitars For Kids

Meg’s voice was recorded with a Rode LavGo lavalier microphone:

All guitars recorded using a Lewitt-Audio LCT-440 condenser microphone:

Looking for a guitar for your child to learn on? In this acoustic guitar buying guide, we recommend six acoustic guitars to suit different budgets that are perfect for kids. We explain the differences between nylon vs steel strung guitars, 3/4 size vs full size acoustics, as well as checking out some of the best cheap 3/4 size guitars, best travel guitars and best short scale acoustics from the likes of Yamaha, Tanglewood, Taylor and Faith.

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