This is really easy. The first twenty seconds are for sophisticated players but then it gets a lot easier. The music is stripped into single parts that I discuss. Even beginning guitarist need to have the ability to play this. I will publish this numerous times but each time I will add something and it will slowly be harder. After a while you need to have the ability to make your own pieces of blues and play harder parts.
There will also be a post with different methods and advanced exercises. I will put the link in the text. You can watch it and the longer you practice the basic posts the better you are gon na be able to keep up with the approaches. The link with methods for this post is
I like the blues, that’s why I’m doing this, and hope that this will assist you to develop your own style and tune lines.
Feel free to ask questions or to provide feedback (positie or unfavorable). It will help me to develop posts that are truly useful so feedback is appriciated.

This lessons can not replace the things a good guitar teacher can do for you. I live in the Netherlands. Some great teachers I understand are
Kornelis Lievense ( …) from Schijndel (where I live) and Jos de Wilde (wildmenbluesband @
who teaches in Boxtel (likewise see …) They can look after bussiness however nonetheless you can find out enough out of my posts.