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Today I wanted to assist you (and myself) settle an age old argument – do you choose the sound of 80/20 or phosphor bronze acoustic strings? In today’s video, we’re going to be playing some back to back samples on the two D’Addario strings sets. We’ll be utilizing the very same mics, pick, best hand position, and guitar in order to separate as many variables as possible so that the only difference you’re hearing is originating from the strings. Honestly, this video is for myself as much as it is for the individual enjoying it.

To say a bit about the various sets – 80/20 strings have been around because the early 1900’s and in fact was among the very first alloys used in making steel guitar strings. They’re known for having a loud, extremely brilliant tone to them. They’re made to cut through the mix and provide more volume than other sets. The phosphor bronze style is made with the intent of getting a warmer, more complete tone. For that reason, they might be much better for recording purposes or for playing out deal with other amplification. This video will assist you decide for which string set you choose.

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