In this video, we’re looking at a few of the fantastic acoustic guitars from the Alvarez Artist series, check out the full range at:

Guitars featured:



LJ2 –


AD30 –

With the Artist series, Alvarez draw on the knowledge and experience gained from over 50 years of guitar building, to offer a huge selection highly spec’d but very affordable acoustic and electro acoustic guitars, suitable for all levels of players, from beginners up to experienced gigging musicians.

Sharing a lot of the design features from Alvarez’s premium Masterworks range, all of the Artist guitars feature great sounding solid tone wood tops, beautiful finishes and workmanship, and high quality hardware including real bone nuts and saddles to help improve string vibration transfer.

There’s cleverly engineered features such as Alvarez’s Bi-Level bridge, which make the break angle of the strings between the saddle and the body more acute, increasing string tension and improving playability and tone, and a forward shifted scalloped X-Bracing design which moves the axis of the X closer to the soundhole, allowing a larger area of the top to resonate more freely.

The Artist series covers quite a wide price range, from around £250 to £600 pounds, and obviously, some specs are going to differ from guitar to guitar depending on that price, but even at the lower end of the scale, the quality of construction, playability and sound of these guitars is definitely comparable to that of some acoustics that you’d expect to pay quite a lot more for. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, we’d definitely recommend trying out a few Artist series guitars, as they’re some of the best value acoustics out there.


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