The tragic ballad of Annachie Gordon is a timeless Scottish folk song, and one that provides itself completely to a solo acoustic guitar arrangement. In this brief acoustic guitar lesson, among the UK’s leading acoustic guitarists and Elixir Strings artist Tristan Seume demonstrates his technique to this tune in his favored CGDGCD Csus2 tuning. Tristan uses Elixir Phosphor Bronze Strings with NANOWEB Coating 12-56 for their long tone life and rich, full tone even at lower tunings. Inspect them out:

This tuning (also known as “Orkney tuning”) permits Tristan to organize the song with gorgeous, complete low end notes and calling chords and tune. The on-screen tab enables you to follow together with this simple arrangement, supplying a fantastic structure to begin your own journey with this folk timeless!

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