What is the best guitar for girls? Kira Michele (with one L) talks about her Breedlove Acoustic Guitars that she is using on her new album ‘Breathe’. You can buy her CD from her website once it is done being recorded.


This series of acoustic guitars works very well for her as she has small hands like a lot of women do and she absolutely loves the Atlas and Discovery Concert series of guitars from Breedlove. Buying an acoustic guitar can be very time consuming and a personal thing since looking for the best guitar for each person will differ.

Ladies, young girls, small children and even adults that have smaller hands should really look into these guitars that are available nationwide. Breedlove, like many other top acoustic guitar manufacturers has many lines of guitars and Kira Michele played nearly 100 guitars before settling on which guitars to buy. Students, beginners, and expert guitarists alike will find the best deal and best bang for their buck with a Breedlove Guitar. A Breedlove is not a cheap guitar by any means. If you are looking for the cheapest acoustic guitar, go to Guitar Center and buy one. Even the lower end models of guitars from Breedlove are an incredible value.

There are lots of other guitars for girls out there like Daisy Rock, Luna guitars, and some other beginner guitars can be purchased at Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, and several other top retailers. The dealer networks for Breedlove can constantly change just like it can for many other manufacturers. Some of the cheapest guitars are available at Target, and on Amazon.com but for a real instrument, you will want to find a local music store and deal with them directly. Small kids may want a toy guitar to play around with but as the child gets older when they become more serious, buying a quality instrument will keep it a lot more fun for them.

Kira Michele played Taylor guitars, Yamaha acoustic guitars, Seagull, Takemine, Guild, and many others before settling on buying the Breedlove. They are simply the best value in a guitar for her.