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Bluesology guitar lessons thoroughly take a look at the theory and consistency behind carrying out, making up and improvising the blues. Rhythmic patterns, developments, solo advancement and vital methods for electrical blues guitar are covered thoroughly across 80 full-length interactive video lessons in both Bluesology Volume 1 and 2 (160 video lessons total).

Enhanced for intermediate to early-advanced gamers, Bluesology presents in-depth assessments of the blues from a theoretical and harmonic viewpoint. Trainees are introduced to concepts in bite-size chunks and can then apply them over supporting practice rhythm tracks.

Bluesology is provided in 2 volumes and covers Dominant Blues Developments, Dominant Blues Solos 1, Dominant Blues Solos 2, Turnarounds, Minor Blues Progressions, Minor Blues Solos, Blues Techniques and Jazz Blues. Each section includes 20 full-length interactive video lessons, charts, practice rhythm tracks and text guides.

Combined, Bluesology Volumes 1 & 2 are an intensive 8-month research study program at TrueFire University. Reasonably, it would take a lot longer to totally absorb all of the material presented in the course. Bluesology’s useful intent nevertheless, is to offer the trainee with a comprehensive resource that they can resolve at their own pace, cherry-picking areas and lessons as required.

Bluesology is not a “licks,” “solos” or “style” course, rather Bluesology is an extensive study that drills down on the theoretical and harmonic structure blocks that use to all designs of electrical blues guitar.