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Blues players eat, live and breathe off the blues and minor pentatonic scale. At the exact same time, its pretty simple to discover yourself in the proverbial rut as soon as you’ve lacked ideas since the harmony is so minimal. Brad Carlton to the rescue once again with Huge Blues and Beyond, an intensive research study program focused solely on changing what you currently understand into a brand brand-new scheme of sounds and textures for electric blues guitar. Big Blues and Beyond will refresh up your vocabulary of single-note and polyphonic relocations for both comping and soloing.

The excellent news is that Carlton will have you dealing with scales and techniques that are currently very familiar to you; blues scale, small pentatonic scale, blues composite scale, double-stops, triple-stops, pedal tone licks, barres, hammers, bends and slurs. Carlton will reveal you moves that are currently right there under your fingers however simply not yet found and utilized by you. For instance, we all have a strong grip on a couple of go-to double and triple-stops, however Brad will show how to utilize double and triple-stops across the entire blues, small pentatonic and blues composite scale forms to produce fresh, fantastic sounding fills, compensations and solos. And because you do not require to discover a lot of new techniques, you’ll have the ability to put these originalities to work right away.

As is typical, this Brad Carlton Guitar Laboratory intensive will open your eyes and ears to some actually “Big Blues” concepts by drilling down deep with a singular focus for getting more with what you currently understand about the blues.