Learning where to place your fingers to play chords is one thing, however as your playing establishes, it truly assists to know how those chords are made. In this acoustic guitar tutorial, Elixir Strings artist Shawn Persinger breaks down the theory behind chord building in an easy-to-understand fashion. Download Tab: https://bit.ly/32O4LnJ

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Understanding the basic theory behind chords on the guitar will help unlock the fingerboard and allow you to change voicings and find chords up and down the neck. It’s a fantastic method of breaking out of the usual open-position “cowboy chords” when you require to.

Taking the major scale (used one string), Shawn rapidly discusses which notes are utilized to make up chords from the scale, and where you can play them on the guitar. If you have actually constantly had a hard time to comprehend why chords are made up of the notes they are, this is the lesson for you!

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