Jerry Garcia’s acoustic guitar introduction on “Deep Elem Blues” from his duo performance with John Kahn on 10/16/85. 25 Days of Jerry.

” Deep Elem Blues” was very first performed by the Grateful Dead in December 1966. The tune was carried out, in acoustic sets, throughout 1970 and in October 1980. Between 1981 and 1983 the tune was carried out in electric approach 10 times, the last of these being in September 1983. In overall the Grateful Dead performed the tune simply under 50 times.

” Deep Elem Blues” was performed around 80 times by different Jerry Garcia groups between 1982 and 1989. Most of these efficiencies were by the Jerry Garcia/John Kahn duo or by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band.

The earliest recording using the “Deep Elem Blues” title appears to be that made by Joe and Bob Attlesey and Leon Chappelear in 1933 and released utilizing the group name the Lone Star Cowboys. The Attlesey Brothers subsequently became the Shelton Brothers and taped the song once again in 1935.

” Deep Elem Blues” seems stemmed from the earlier tunes Georgia Black Bottom and Down In Black Bottom which were both tape-recorded in 1927. There might be earlier tunes that are the source for both Georgia Black Bottom, Down In Black Bottom and Deep Elem Blues.

On recordings the tune occurs as Deep Elem Blues, Deep Ellum Blues, Deep Elm Blues or comparable variations. The word “Blues” is in some cases dropped from the title. Note however that there is an unassociated tune called Deep Elm. The date offered for early recordings below is usually the recording date instead of the release date.

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