Acoustic Guitar Auction – A 73 years of age instrument with just two caring owners, this Martin 000-18 requires a new house. It was very first owned by guitar player Leonardo Monzo, who emigrated at age 18 from Spain, through Cuba, to Monterey, California. He was a routine entertainer along Cannery Row, made famous in the novel by John Steinbeck. His better half operated in the canneries and gave her husband this new Martin 000-18 in 1943.

After Leonardo Monzo’s passing, his child asked her doctor, Alexander Holmes, an amateur guitarist, whether he would be interested in seeing the instrument. He was shocked to open the unprepossessing cardboard case and find this all-original vintage Martin, packed with a blow-horn pitch pipe and an Anacin tin consisting of Monzo’s hard-shaped abalone guitar choices. Dr. Holmes purchased the instrument after an appraisal by Dexter Johnson of Carmel Music and has maintained its excellent condition.