Gibson J-45 Standard (Vintage Sunburst).

The J-45 has been Gibson’s top-selling acoustic guitar for many years. Nicknamed “The Workhorse” and first introduced in 1942, Gibson’s most popular acoustic is now the icon of its round-shoulder, dreadnought line, world renowned for its full, balanced expression, warm bass, and excellent projection. Subtle modifications to the bracing of its predecessor– the J-35– made Gibson’s J-45 one of the majority of technically innovative guitars of its time.

The top of the J-45 is made from AA-grade Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are constructed from pattern grade Honduras mahogany, providing the J-45 its world renowned complete, balanced expression, warm bass, and exceptional projection. The fingerboard of Gibson’s J-45 is constructed from the greatest grade rosewood on earth, the durability of this durable wood makes the fingerboard extremely balanced and steady, and provides each chord and note unparalleled clearness and bite.

Every acoustic guitar made by Gibson includes hand-scalloped, radiused top bracing inside the body, a feature normally discovered only in limited run, hand-made guitars. By scalloping each brace by hand, the natural noise of the acoustic is focused more toward the center of the body, improving the instrument’s sound forecast. The J-45 includes a variation of Gibson’s “X” bracing pattern positioned behind the soundhole, with a set of tall and thin braces for the back, and scalloped tall and thin braces for the top. This famous bracing style delivers a well balanced expression, with punchy, deep lows, warm mids, and clear, crisp highs. When promoted more volume, the J-45 forecasts a natural compression, which assists it mix well with any accompaniment.