Grammy nominated guitar player, vocalist and manufacturer Greg Karas takes you through a standard 3 chord progression and gives it some classic rock swagger in this short electric guitar lesson! Terrific rhythm guitar is the backbone of traditional rock, from The Rolling Stones and The Who to Led Zeppelin.

By adding basic fills and altering voicings, Greg demonstrates how to include some Keith Richards/Jimmy Page-style rhythm guitar spice to your parts. Taking you beyond simple power chords, it’s a terrific way of providing your rhythm playing more depth and interest. So dial up some crunch and get grooving more difficult than ever!

Greg, an Elixir Strings artist, describes Elixir OPTIWEB Coated electrical guitar strings as “. a total video game changer.” and utilizes the 10-46 gauge for their tonal consistency and lasting tone. Discover out more about Elixir Strings long-term tone:

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