In addition to being an unbelievable soloist, Jimi Hendrix is hailed as one of the very best rhythm guitar players ever. His right away recognizable ‘chords and fills’ approach works brilliantly in a power trio setting and has actually inspired rock, r ‘n’ b, blues and gospel guitar players for years. Grammy chose guitarist, singer, manufacturer and Elixir Strings artist Greg Karas provides an intro to Jimi’s rhythm guitar style utilizing simply three chords in this short electrical guitar tutorial.

If you’re aiming to break out of straight strumming patterns and power chords in your rhythm playing, Greg’s ‘Hendrix pointers’ lesson is for you. He breaks down Jimi’s basic approach with a three chord development that’s simple to follow, even for relative newbies. Add in some sweet neck pickup goodness and you’ll be all set to begin exploring that distinctly fluid Hendrix-y rhythm guitar ambiance!

Greg explains Elixir OPTIWEB Coated electrical guitar strings as “. a total video game changer.” and the 10-46 gauge for their tonal consistency and long tone life. Examine the out:

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