Laminate VS Solid Top Acoustic Comparison: FT Yamaha!

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Lucas Haneman of the LH Express gives you experienced tips and tricks, as well as showcasing lesser known gear in this series.

Here we have a listening edition of Guitar Tone Tuesday! We compare 2 Dreadnaught acoustic guitars made by Yamaha.

In the extremely affordable camp, we have a Yamaha F310 (the kind of guitar you could find in a multi pack with a tuner and gig bag at your favourite retail store).

In the mid level solid top guitar camp we have a vintage FG365S (from 1980/1981).

Lucas always recommends that people get an acoustic guitar with a solid top if they can afford it. Let us know if this video proves that point or not!


Do you chose to go solid woods when choosing your acoustic guitar or do you have a laminate constructed guitar you love? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below: