Guitar gamers as diverse as The Edge and Edward Van Halen have actually employed delay to develop unique rhythmic lead guitar parts (have a look at U2’s Bad and Cathedral by Van Halen for stunning examples). Using dotted rhythms to duplicate played notes offers a fantastic “bubbling” impact to the most basic lead lines and is a fantastic tool to utilize in all sorts of musical settings.

Session guitarist, teacher and author Haiko Heinz provides an easy-to-follow intro to establishing a hold-up pedal – or software effect – to get you begun with the strategy. This Elixir Strings artist explains how to get your hold-up repeats to match the pace of a tune and the importance of setting feedback level relative to your playing volume. So do not delay and get exploring! Take A Look At Elixir Strings:

Haiko plays Elixir OPTIWEB Coated Electric Strings for their long-term crisp tone.

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