For this Acoustic Guitar Session in Location fuzzy Australian rocker Hamish Anderson carries out an extremely stripped down version of his brand-new single, “Early morning Light.” The song sounds totally reimagined. While the original studio recording is overblown, with notes of T. Rex or fellow Aussie rocker Tame Impala, the acoustic variation is a chiming, classic folk tune. “I actually enjoy when tunes have two variations,” Anderson says.

Anderson plays his Martin 000-28M Eric Clapton Limited Edition, tuned down a whole action with a capo on the 4th fret. Like lots of singer-songwriters, he does this not only to match his vocal range but to avoid the typical noises of open position. “Putting a capo on provides you a whole brand-new world to work with,” he states.

Following through on his love of multiple tune versions, Anderson will release an official acoustic variation of “Morning Light” on Friday, June 26.