Check out Hwajong Kims amazing fingerstyle talent while he plays his original tune “Dynamite” on the Cort Earth60 acoustic guitar.
NOTE:  The Earth60 has since been updated to the Earth70.  You can get more details about it >> HERE.

As Cort’s homage to the great vintage acoustic guitars, the Earth Series represents the look, sound, feel and playability of those fine instruments with uncompromising quality and excellent value.

The Earth60 features the golden standard of acoustic guitars: Solid spruce top. Together with mahogany back and sides, this wood combination delivers the time-tested, signature bright yet full sounding tone that players all around love and desire, while the full-sized dreadnought body offers full body output and plenty of projection. 

Want to learn more about the Cort acoustic guitars? Just click this link:  Cort Guitar Models

You can see more of Hwajong Kim on Instagram: @hwajong_k