Flashy guitar techniques are cool, but absolutely nothing is more essential in tune in a lot of situations. However what is a “good” tune and how do you improvise melodically on guitar? If you have a hard time to make your jams melodic, let visiting guitar player and Elixir Strings artist Luca Faraone show you the method! He plays Elixir Electric Strings with NANOWEB Finishing 10-46 strings for their long tone life and reliability. Have A Look At Elixir Strings: https://www.elixirstrings.com/products

Luca explains what makes for a strong melody in this easy-to-understand electrical guitar lesson. Breaking things down into 3 crucial elements, he’ll show his method to melodic, remarkable improvising over modifications. Dealing with these guitar techniques and constructing a strong connection in between brain and fingers will have you enhancing your improvising in no time!

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