Cool, special and exclusive to PMT – Dagan evaluates the Ibanez Altstar electro-acoustic guitar.

If you’ve learned how to play guitar on an electric and are now looking for an acoustic guitar to jam on, you need to have a look at the Ibanez Altstar variety.

Featuring neck that feels similar to an Ibanez RG, the Altstar provides you the exact same playability as you would anticipate from an electric shredding machine, but on an electro-acoustic guitar.

The dreadnought-style body with Spruce top offers exceptional resonance and an excellent series of sound with string low end, plus it sounds great played acoustically or plugged in.

Ibanez Altstar ALT30
The Good
  • Thin cutaway body
  • Acoustic - Electric
  • Compact dreadnought body design
  • Walnut fingerboard
  • AEQ2UT onboard electronics
  • Onboard electronic tuner
The Bad
  • No negative reviews found

There are four colors available too – Transparent Charcoal Burst, Indigo Blue, Red Coral, and Natural.

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