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Is the Alvarez Artist Series AF30CE the best budget acoustic on the market? We’re here to find out! πŸ€“

The Alvarez AF30CE is a beginner friendly OM sized acoustic. Fitted with some next level features not found on most guitars at this price point such as a solid top, a real bone nut, and Alvarez’s own SYS250 pickup and tuner system. This gives you an affordable, high spec instrument, ready to take whatever you throw at it. The AF30CE sports laminate Mahogany back & sides, providing a reliable and robust construction that stands up to the rigours of the road, paired with a solid A Sitka Spruce top to deliver great tone and superb projection. The AF30CE features the Sys250 pickup, letting you amp up for bigger live situations and making it a great choice for the recording musician too.

Dive into our video and let us know what you think in the comments! Have you tried an acoustic from the brand before?

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Chapters 🎬
0:00 Intro jam
0:23 Are you looking for a budget-friendly acoustic guitar?
1:24 4 things that make a guitar good value
1:44 Meet that Alvarex AF30CE
3:32 What is a cutaway?
3:52 The SYS250 pickup system
5:28 Let’s chat about the wood
8:40 Slim neck and low action – Woo!
11:00 The body shape
13:15 Why does this Alvarez stand out for us?
13:55 Scalloped bracing
15:10 X bracing
15:50 The bridge
18:00 Let’s talk about how it looks
20:20 Our other top Alvarez picks
21:38 Closing chats and final thoughts
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