Acoustic Kansas City Delta Blues, Two Acoustic Delta Finger Design slide guitars, and one Fender strat though a Pevey timeless 30 tube amp, Taped deal with a stereo Microphone in my old studio. (this was taped in 2001, at the time, we didn’t run video recorders, so I simply put the sound track to some Betty Boop Cartoons).

Zak was repairing his amp that was rattling, and Andy and myself, began playing something in E, and when Zak got his amp fixed, he signed up with in, at about 4:15 I informed Zak to sing Kansas City, and at 4:40, he nailed the tune, and this acoustic variation of Kansas City was born:–RRB-.

Zak was 15 years of ages here on Lead guitar and vocals, Andy was 17 years old here on Acoustic Fingerstyle Delta Slide Guitar style sitting across from me in the room for the stereo image this recording recorded, Myself, I played the same design as Andy, just differently, so we were always playing dueling Delta Blues back then, producing, and whenever we played anything, it sounded different then the last time, as our sessions were just live Jam sessions, and this was one I liked a lot that we did …

I produced and taped Kids with the present back then like John Mayall utilized to do, This has a Muddy Waters taste to this variation.