Credit for tune goes to John Fogerty, coverd by Ted Hawkins.

HE DANCED … Another good friend journeys on.
In my mind I see you dancing,
pow-wow jams crankin’.
” Turn it up Bren!!”.
And I smiled, thinkin’,.
Dayumm it’s excellent to be native.
Them native men sure can sing,.
stunning consistency.
You whooped, it carried … thru the timbers.
An excellent several years, buddies;.
you and I.
Now as you make that journey,.
there will be dancing & whoops … as you, my pal,.
travel on.
… … ~ ~ bln 3/2010 ~ ~.

Lost a great fren last nite, his journey continues. Shared alot of good times w/him, pool shot extraordinaire, great vocalist, strong native guy. For being my fren and constantly believing in me, thank you Curt. Pah ma mi nah … Bren.