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Almost eight years later, I’m reviewing the Martin D18 and the Martin D28. These 2 renowned acoustic guitars are getting my full, undistracted attention. I’ll cover why these 2 guitars ought to remain in your guitarsenal, famous gamers who use them, and 5 exceptional options.

To kick things off, I desire to cover why the Martin D18 and the Martin D28 must remain in your guitar collection. There are lots of reasons these 2 iconic Martin acoustic guitars need to be in your collection, however I distilled it down to my leading 5 reasons.

Reason # 1: The Martin D18 and Martin D28 are INCREDIBLY versatile.

There’s nearly no musical circumstance where a Martin D18 or D28 hasn’t been utilized. Think of it. These guitars are mostly connected with bluegrass, however these guitars work for almost any category. To prove it, I’ve got evidence of singer-songwriters, rockers, and trad players using Marin D18s and D28s!

Martin Standard Series D-28
The Good
  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • East Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
  • Striped Ebony Fingerboard
  • World Famous Martin Quality and Guarantee
  • " is the best guitar that I have ever owned"
  • "the best sounding acoustic I've ever played"
  • "Heavenly Sounding Guitar"
The Bad
  • "The guitar is pretty, but strings buzz"
  • "Sounded dead with light strings"

Factor # 2: The Martin History

What’s amazing about owning a Martin guitar, especially a D18 or D28, is the history. When you play one of these guitars, you are stepping into history.

Beginning in 1916, the dreadnought shape was created. After that, there have actually been weaves that have defined and formed how this iconic body shape (pun meant) became. The dreadnought is a historical guitar shape that Martin definitely innovated.

Reason # 3: The Bass on Martin D18s and D28s

For guitars that have unmatched bass quality, regardless of whether they are classic or not, look no more than the Martin D18 and D28. Now, simply to be clear, each of these guitars has a slightly different bass sound, however the bass levels are genuinely remarkable.

For instance, the D18 provides a nice dry and woody bass tone. Meanwhile, the Martin D28 has a fantastic mid-scooped present bass tone. To demonstrate these distinctions, I have video of Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle playing both Martin D18s and Martin D28s.

Factor # 4: Martin D18s and D28s are the most imitated guitars on the marketplace today.

I don’t care what brand name of guitar you choose, however they usually have a copy of the D18 and a copy of the D28. Why? Because the recipe is innovative. With the Sitka spruce top and the mahogany rosewood back and sides, it’s an unequalled combination.

For those of you who recognize that Martin D18s and D28s are pricey, and maybe are looking for the best replicas, look no further than this list of guitars:

1) Blueridge BR-140 (D18).
2) Blueridge BR-160 (D28).
3) Recording King RD-318 (D18).
4) Recording King RD-328 (D28).
5) Eastman Guitars E6-D (D18).
6) Eastman Guitars E8-D (D28).

Reason # 5: The Martin D18 and D28 are utilized as standards for other guitars.

In my decade of reviewing guitars professionally, I’ve compared many guitars to the Martin D18 and the Martin D28. Why?

Both the Martin D18 and the D28 are so finely crafted, that they have actually become the gold-standard for a well-crafted guitar.


Now that you understand why you need a Martin D18 and a Martin D28, I wish to include Sturgill Simpson, a proud user of Martin dreadnoughts like his customized Martin D18.

Now, I enjoy that he uses a Martin HD28 and a custom D18 … however can we speak about his voice for a bit?

When I listen to Sturgill Simpson sing, he has a classic country quality that I do not hear that much these days. In addition, his lyrics are skillful, varying from sorrowful to comical all in simply one song.

Make certain to take a look at Sturgill Simpson and listen to some of his music!


Now, I understand I discussed some good options to a Martin D18 or a Martin D28 earlier in the episode. However, I want to revisit this subject to provide you a more concentrated list of particular guitars.

# 3 for D18 Alternative: The Bourgeois Nation Young Boy.

For a guitar that has the very same dry bass and forecast that the Martin D18 has, the Bourgeois Nation Young boy is a strong competitor. I’ve been playing this guitar for a while now, and I enjoy how punchy that bass sound can be sometimes. It never appears to drown itself out or get too muddy, which I likewise appreciate.

Make sure to capture the full clip of me playing the Bourgeois Country Young boy to see if this D18 alternative stacks up to your expectations.

# 3 for D28 Option: Boucher BG-52.

Clocking in at my third-favorite non-Martin D28, the Boucher BG-52 is an outstanding guitar from a stellar guitar maker. I’ve had the most current experience with this guitar, and I really think this guitar can hold its own versus a Martin D28. It has the open, abundant noise as a D28 with maybe just a hair brighter tone.

To capture the full list of alternatives to the Martin D18 and the Martin D28, make certain to view the complete episode and check out Acoustic Life today for links and more!