In this easy-to-follow electric guitar tutorial, composer, teacher and Elixir Strings artist Matt Wong reveals a much more useful method to technique scales and integrate them into improvised solos etc. Beginning out with an easy three-note-per-string C major scale highlighted the fretboard, Matt then explores playing different intervallic patterns, which actually helps to construct the relationships between the notes of scale. Take things slow and stable and you’ll quickly break out from the typical patterns and kick your solos into overdrive.

Understanding scales and practicing them up and down the neck is a fundamental part of establishing both your guitar technique and understanding of the fretboard. But it can be a difficult possibility when you initially begin, not to discuss incredibly tedious if you’re simply playing rising and coming down patterns.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Practicing 3-note per string scales
1:44 Adding sequences
2:16 Diatonic third sequences
3:30 Other intervals
4:04 Variations

Matt plays Elixir Strings on his acoustic and electric guitars for their long enduring tone. Have A Look At Elixir Strings:

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