Mike Dawes puts up huge numbers on YouTube with his solo fingerstyle plans of popular songs. However it’s Dawes’ technical virtuosity and enthusiasm for playing the acoustic guitar that makes his viral videos so compelling.

For this AG Sessions in Place, shot in Bristol, England, Dawes chose to display his initial structure “Somewhere House,” as “it makes a wonderful little lesson and introduction to DADGAD tuning.” Dawes plays his Cuntz CWG23s+ Mike Dawes Model guitar, augmented with a ToneWood amp.

According to Dawes, DADGAD is a “beneficial tuning to fill an auditorium with sonic joy.” And while auditoriums may be shuttered for a while, we recommend playing in addition to the video, filling your home with sonic delight.

” Somewhere Home” appeared on Dawes’ very first record, and a live version of the piece will appear on his upcoming live album, Reveals and Distancing, Live in the USA. And you just might hear it if you tune into his livestreamed show on November 1.

If you want to discover more from Dawes, he is using one-on-one “Lockdown Lessons.”