Hi everybody! This is my performance of Neil Young’s “Alabama”! He is an excellent guitarist! Not too much humor in this one! It is one of Neil’s most passionate songs and best! It’s from his incredible “Harvest” album. A lot so that it provoked an action from Lynyrd Skynyrd called “Sugary food Home Alabama”! It likewise has a tremendous quantity of indicating to me and many others. My daughter Ashley arranged and filmed the song. She has taped many of my videos! Thanks Ashley you are the best! Don’t forget to watch her videos, she has a fantastic voice, utilize your iphone if you need to! Or of course your ipod! I’m using my extraordinary sounding Guild D-25 acoustic guitar and my reliable Honer blues harp (harmonica) in “C” which is the finest! Thanks to all my friends out there for offering me a listen! I primarily play electric blues however enjoy to play acoustic whenever and wherever I can. I love to let loose and give everything I have! Sharing my music with everyone has provided my life a lot more suggesting! I hope if you men like any of my videos you can share them with your buddies! I will do the very same if asked, no games here! To my good friends in Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain, France, and China !! Woody Guthrie is very cool and I love Johnny Money of cpourse Neil Young !! An unique hey there to my good friends in New Hampshire especially the members of the Wicked Smart Horn Band in gorgeous Franconia! Thanks Once Again, Joey Vaughan “World Blues Attack”