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My analysis of George Carter’s “Risin’ River Blues”.
Practically nothing is kown of George Carter. He was among the numerous 12-string guitar players from the Atlanta location.
Requirement tuning, however tuned down a complete action. Playing out of E position.
Here’s the original recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGC3VSrF73gPaul Geremia has likewise a great, but various, version of this song.
I’m playing a Consistency 12-string guitar.

Quite unique is using a A6 chord which gives the song a very different flavor.
A biting social remark in the second verse. Some southern states had laws that made it prohibited for blacks to be on the streets throughout a catastrophe, like a flood.

Increasing river blues, runnin’ by my door
Increasing river blues, runnin’ by my door
They runnin’, sweet mother, like they have not run before

I got to move in the street, I ain’t ‘short on your street
I got to move in the street, I ain’t ‘short on the street
These rising river blues sure have got me beat

Mmm, mmmm, mmm, mmmm, hmmmm
Mmm, mmm, mmmm, mmm, hmmm
Mmm, mmmmm

Come here, sweet mom, let me speak my mind
Come here, sweet mother, let me speak my mind
To cure these bluеs gon’ take a long, long period of time