Some time ago I inadvertently stumbled upon Robert Johnson and I was impressed. Since that time I started reading, discovering for him and the Blues and above all listening to them.

So … just recently I developed a Blog (which due to personal responsibilities isn’t excellent yet) and more just recently this youtube channel on which I hope that I will publish my blues music videos … Not something unique however something which I began with lots of love about this music. Hope you’ll like them and delight in!!!

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( Lyrics).

Mmmmm mmmmm I’s up this mornin’.
ah, blues walkin’ like a male.
I’s up this mornin’.
ah, blues walkin’ like a man.
Worried blues.
offer me your right-hand man.

And the blues fell mother’s kid.
tore me all upside down.
Blues fell mam’s child.
and it tore me all upside down.
travel on, bad Bob.
simply cain’t turn you ’round.
The blu-u-u-u-ues.
is a low-down shakin’ chill.
spoken: Yes, preach ’em now.

Mmmmm mmmmm.
is a low-down shakin’ chill.
You ain’t never had ’em, I.
I hope you never will.
Well, the blues.
is a schin’ old heart problem.
spoken: Do it. now.
You gon’ do it?
Tell me about it.

Let the blues.
is a low-down achin’ heart problem.
Like usage.
killing me by degrees.
I can study rain.
oh, ohm drive, oh, oh, drive my blues.
I been studyin’ the rain and.
I’m ‘on drive my blues away.
Goin’ to the ‘stil’ ry.
avoid there throughout the day.