What is among the very best ways of bringing basslines to life? Including dead notes! Yes, it’s real – dead notes will give a cool, rhythmic edge to your bass parts and are an invaluable part of funk, r ‘n’ b, pop and lots of other playing styles.

Dead notes are just keeps in mind that don’t sound out, muted by your left hand and plucked by your right, as Elixir Strings artist Samuel G Mpungu (MPNG) demonstrates in this short video lesson. By breaking down a bassline to its easiest type and after that including dead notes, MPNG provides the ideal example of simply just how much funkier your playing can be with this simple method!

MPNG plays Elixir Bass Strings for their fantastic tone and since they permit him to focus more on his music. Examine them out: https://www.elixirstrings.com/products

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