Electric or Acoustic Strings for Your Fender Acoustasonic?

In this video from Casino guitars, you are going to see a little demo comparison shootout of two Fender Acoustasonic guitars.  One with an acoustic set of strings and the other with an electric set of strings.

The Fender Acoustasonic acoustic strings used in the demo has what comes from Fender – Fender Acoustic Phosphor Bronze.

The electric strings used are Elixir Optiweb.  These strings are not too far of a departure from what they thought was where these guitars could live.  They did string them up to do a  a side by side comparison.  In the demo below, he plays the same thing with both sets of strings to give you a full comparison demo.

Give a listen below…


After hearing them both played, you can see that they have a very different sound between the two sets of strings.

I’m very curious to see what you guys think – please leave a comment below, it will be helpful to others.

Equipment Used in the Demo With the Fender Acoustasonic

Of course, some of the sound is dependent upon the equipment used.  Here is rundown of what he is using in the demo.

He has an AV box right down below him.  He is switching between a Fender acoustic amplifier so he can hear (like a monitor) and that’s going straight into the camera.

For the electric guitar sound, he is using a Two Rock amp and a Bloomfield Drive.  They feel like that that would be the ideal setup for the Acoustasonic.

Fender Acoustasonic With Acoustic Strings

The acoustic strings really give the Acoustasonic a solid acoustic guitar sound.  They left the Fender strings on there on purpose, to see that’s how it’s going sound direct from the factory. However, they recommend switching over to Elixirs or perhaps Martin strings.

The Elixirs or Martins will help you get a little bit more “spank”.  We noted some deadness and thudding on the low end.  The Fender factory strings just don’t just ring as well as some of the other ones.

We recommend Elixir and Martin.


The acoustic strings really make it should like an acoustic guitar is being played.  It is somewhat reminiscent of a Taylor 814 CE.  You can tell he is having fun doing it.

When he is strumming chords, you can hear the trebles pop like an acoustic does.  Listen to those little the little runs just in the top three strings.  It really sounds like it was a natural acoustic run.

Fender Acoustasonic With Electric Strings

When he switched to the electric sound (with the electric strings), the Acoustasonic still functioned just as well.

It is going to be easier to play, since it has lighter strings than the acoustic string version.

Switching over to electric strings and adding the Two Rock amp just dominated the acoustic version.  Part of it is the equipment, but as noted above, the playability is going to be at a different level.

You can really dig in a bit more and won’t encounter the thudiness nature of the acoustic string.  Because of the nature of the strings, you’ll also find a lot even more evenness across the strings.

Your Choice, Your Style

Acoustic or electric strings on your Fender Acoustasonic?

It really comes down to what you like, your tone preference, and what kind of guitar you want to play.

You will do well with either acoustic or electric strings if you’re gigging with an Acoustasonic. It has to be whatever you’re more comfortable with.

If you’re doing lots of bending leads, then put some electric strings on it.  Just go with a “hybrid” tension, nothing less than 10’s, maybe even 11’s.

On the other hand, if you want to have that pure, 100% acoustic sound, and that’s more your thing, you’re strumming your rhythm chords, then go with the acoustic strings.

With either set of strings that you’re going to be good.   It just depends on how it feels to you.

What is your opinion?  Let us know in the comments below.