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It’s time for another equipment video! In this video, I’m pleased to share with you another string business I’ve recently had the advantage to work with: Stringjoy!

Made from quality products in the U.S.A. and based out of Nashville, TN (simply down the road from me!), Stringjoy is the string business “for individuals.” They have more than 53,000,000,000 possible mixes of string assesses, so you’re bound to discover something that works for you!

In this video, I’ll be doing some sound comparisons between these brand new Stringjoy acoustic strings and my strings of option: Elixir Phosphor Bronze. See how they compare on both of my main guitars: the Breedlove DR Deluxe Revival series and the Martin DCX1E. I’ll likewise be playing with 3 different choices so you can hear the full variety of the strings.

Here are the links I point out in the video (in order of appearance):.

Stringjoy’s main website:
– What’s unique about Stringjoy?:
Stringjoy String Conditioner & Cloth:
– Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks:
– BlueChip Select:
– V-Picks:
– EV Cobalt 4 instrument mics:
– Paul Gilbert’s Online Rock Guitar School:
– Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III picks:

So relax, relax, and take pleasure in the show. Here’s hoping you learn something brand-new that will inspire you on your journey toward success!

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