Heineken Concerts 2000
Bourbon Street, São Paulo.

Taj Mahal

André Christovam
Flávio Guimarães
Renato Martins
Celso Pixinga
Mozart Mello

” Statesboro Blues” – Blind Willie McTell

Get up mama, turn your lamp down low
Get up mama, turn your lamp down low
Have you got the nerve to drive papa McTell from your door

My mom died and left me careless, my daddy died and left me wild, wild, wild
Mother died and left me negligent, daddy passed away and left me wild, wild, wild
No, I’m not good lookin’, I’m some sweet female’s angel child

You’re a magnificent mean lady, to do me this a-way
You’re a magnificent mean female, to do me this a-way
Going to leave this town, quite mom, disappearing to stay

I once loved a female, much better than I ever seen
I as soon as loved a lady, better than I ever seen
Treat me like I was a king and she was a doggone queen

Sister, inform your Sibling, Sibling inform your Auntie, Auntie, inform your Uncle,
Uncle tell my Cousin, Cousin inform my buddy
Goin’ up the country, Mama, don’t you want to go?
May take me a fair brown, may take me a couple of more

Big Eighty left Savannah, Lord, and did not stop
You ought to saw that colored firefighter when he got that boiler hot
Reach over in the corner, hand me my travelin’ shoes
You understand by that, I got them Statesboro blues

Sis got ’em, daddy got ’em
Bro got ’em, mother got ’em
Woke up this morning, we had them Statesboro blues
I looked over in the corner,
Grandpa and granny had ’em too.


Projeto e Produção – LPC Projetos Culturais
Direção Artística: Toy Lima

Gravação: TV Cultura de São Paulo