Sire have actually announced a new line of acoustic guitars! Lee and Mike run through the collection to hear what Sire acoustics have to offer. Check out the R3s here: and the R7s here:

Discover more about the Sire Acoustic Guitars here:

Mike takes the private designs for a spin:
Sire guitars R7 SIB Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R7 SIB Grand Auditorium:
Sire guitars R3 SIB Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R3 SIB Grand Auditorium:
Sire guitars A7 Sungha Jung Grand Auditorium:
Sire guitars R7 Zebra 7 Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R3 Zebra 7 Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R3 Zebra 7 Grand Auditorium:

All the guitars in this video are tape-recorded either utilizing the Neuman KM184 mic in front of the guitar, or from the DI out on the one in charge Acoustic Vocalist Pro guitar amp. The reverb is the developed in reverb from the amp.

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