I can’t believe this is only $199.

This is an absolutely unbiased and unsponsored evaluation of the Yamaha FS800. I really am just surprised how excellent this thing is for the cost.

Fingerstyle is more popular than ever and for those seeking to check out the method even more, this is a wonderful guitar to start. I have actually likewise included some other strategies which I believe sound great on this guitar too.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder guitar in the very same price range, the Yamaha FG800 is the big sibling and may be more matched to your requirements.

The other guitars in the range I extremely recommend taking a look at are the:
Yamaha FS850
Yamaha FS830
Yamaha FS820

Along with the newer FS700 designs that include the:
Yamaha FS730S
Yamaha FS720S
Yamaha FS700S

As far as i understand all of the FS and FG models are made up to the very same high standard.