This video, compliments of, has to do with The Ultimate Acoustic String Contrast – One guitar -4 gauges of strings. It compares Bonus Light vs Custom Light vs Light vs Medium strings.

In the video, four different gauges of acoustic guitar strings are added and played  back to back to back on the same guitar.

You can finally answer the question “what is the difference in color between sting types”?

The comparison is made playing a Gibson J 45 Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, classic guitar.

What Did We Find?

You notice some tonal differences between the very light gauge on up to the medium gauge.

There are some trade-offs though on the lights, you get a bunch of sustain, very nice clarity, great high-pitched sound,  but you need a little bit more volume as you move up the line to the medium gauge strings.

You’re going to gain more of that volume, but the sustain is going to diminish.

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