Austin, Texas is house to a few of the very best music, food, and guitar-themed locations in the United States … which is why you got ta check out my recommendations for a guitar geek’s journey to Austin!

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What’s up TAC Household ?! While we may not be able to travel like we utilized to, that doesn’t suggest we can’t get ready for an enjoyable journey in the future! Austin, Texas is certainly going to be among the first places I getaway to next year.

Austin is home to fantastic music, extraordinary food, rich music history, awesome record shops, and memorable guitar stores.

To get the full scoop on where I believe every guitar geek should go to, be sure to watch the complete episode of Acoustic Tuesday!

In addition to talking about Austin, TX, I wish to share with you the inspiring story of a TAC Member of the family who went from being a shy beginner to a budding guitarist!

00:00 – 10 Guitar Geek Locations in Austin, TX
07:42 – Vacations and your guitar regimen
8:50 – TAC Family Story
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16:38 – Outro