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Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar
The Good
  • "This guitar has the capability to sound like a $400 guitar"
  • "Very good basic guitar"
  • "well built simple acoustic"
  • " Bought It Because of the Low Price, Kept It Because of the Quality"
The Bad
  • "Cheap price and mega super cheap quality"
  • "took long time to arrange for a return"

Epiphone DR-100
The Good
  • "I could not be more impressed"
  • "Amazing for the price"
  • "Great for Beginners"
  • "The sound on the guitar is really nice"
  • "A fantastic basic dreadnought guitar"
The Bad
  • "Won't stay in tune for me"
  • "sounds and plays fine for a short while"
  • "tinny in the lower frets"

Martin Road Series DRS1
The Good
  • "Absolutely Awesome!!!"
  • "I Love this Guitar!!!"
  • "Top Notch Guitar, in the Bottom-End, of the High-End Guitar market !!"
  • "Amazing sound with quality craftsmanship and finish"
  • "Great guitar for the money"
The Bad
  • "Nice little player with a nasty stock pickup system"
  • "You need to dig into this guitar if you want attack and boominess"
  • "The string action gets higher going towards the sound hole"

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