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► Best for Beginners: Pyle 36 Inch – Details HERE

► Best 40 Inch Size: WINZZ HAND RUBBED – Details HERE

► Best Mini: Master Play – Details HERE

► Best Design: Enya Nova Go Carbon Fiber – Details HERE
► Best Splurge: Fender Classic – Details HERE


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Pyle 36 Inch

At first, we have the Pyle 36 Inch. This is an all-in-one acoustic guitar set that includes everything you need to get started. As a 6-string guitar, it is ideal for use in lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, onstage performances, and at-home practice.

It has a handcrafted wood construction, protective binding, and a highly polished body with a traditional yet classical body style. Personal preference determines whether a nylon-string guitar or a steel-string guitar is used. However, for beginners, choosing a guitar with nylon strings may be more convenient because it prevents finger injuries.

This kit does include a gig bag, pitch pipe tuner, spare strings, Pearloid picks, a cleaning cloth, as well as a gift card.

Winzz Hand Rubbed

A fantastic value that represents the best entry-level guitar. It comes in a handcrafted body and “X” bracing structure that provides a bright and warm tone as well as excellent acoustic properties and great extension and response.

Its high-density wood fingerboard and bridge are excellent, with sturdy construction and smooth touch, it allows you to freely roll over the nickel silver frets. While the Sealed Gear machine head keeps the strings in tune, and the dual-action truss rod allows for fine neck adjustment.

Along with the guitar, you will also get a high-quality waterproof padded gig bag, a clip-on digital tuner, an adjustable strap, three picks, a wooden removable soundhole pickup, and a guitar stand.

Master Play

This one is made of linden wood on top, bottom, and neck, which is the most commonly used wood for guitars. It’s strong and sturdy, and it won’t be affected if it falls down and makes a lot of noise. Its strings are half steel and half nylon, which is the best way to learn to play the guitar.

Besides that, these strings are designed to be comfortable to play with fingers without injuring your child’s small fingers. On the top of this guitar, you will find six tuners for your six strings, allowing you to create the sounds you desire. And in terms of size, it is 30 inches long, 3 inches thick, and 11 inches wide, making it suitable for children aged 6 to 15.

Along with the guitar, you will receive a strap, cloth, an extra set of strings, and other goodies.

Enya Nova Go Carbon Fiber

This Nova Go is made of carbon fiber composite material, which makes it resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Its body is 1/2 sized and molded in one piece, which means the bridge is a cohesive part of the top rather than being glued on like traditional acoustic guitars.

This acoustic guitar also has the “Zero Fret” feature for smoother tuning, and its fret ends are polished to round edges for a more comfortable hand feel.

It includes a custom-made EVA case, strap, an adjusting wrench, an extra set of string, a cleaning cloth, and a user manual in a hidden pocket inside the case.


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