In talking about more Modern Blues Soloing, and avoiding the basic Pentatonic and Blues scales for a bit, one of the important things we need to go over is the method chords influence the noise we play …

And notice that I state “sound” and not “scale …” due to the fact that, to me, scale indicates a single appropriate option, whereas saying that we are playing a particular “sound” implies that it’s an option we are making.

Which is, naturally, what Modern Blues Soloing is everything about – having the knowledge and the liberty to make a variety of sound choices in a range of settings.

Well, in a slow blues (or any blues, really) there’s a propensity to utilize the “blues half step” entering into the IV chord (or the V, or the IV) and if you use that “half action away” chord as part of your soloing, you get a quite cool noise.

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The Blues Half Step Scale – The Altered Dominant Sound

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