The distinct noise of the wah pedal has helped shape guitar music given that the late 1960s. From funk rhythm to metal leads, you can hear the wah-wah’s unique singing sound in the playing of a few of the world’s biggest guitar players. It’s not always an easy effect master – so in this short electrical guitar lesson exploring guitarist and Elixir Strings artist Bill Worrell shows how to begin rockin’ the wah. Expense plays Elixir Strings for their terrific feel, long life and tuning stability.

Using examples from his own aptly-titled ‘The Wah Tune’, Bill shows timeless wah techniques to accent a melody and include movement to passages with slow sweeps. In addition, you’ll discover how to use a wah pedal to stress whammy bar methods.

Hendrix, Vai, Hammett, Wylde and many, much more have established their own unique wah strategies – so put your right foot forward with Expense and get creative!

Make sure to inspect out Expense’s ‘The Wah Song’ and tab at the links below and his other lesson videos.

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