Dagan takes a look at Taylor Guitars and what makes them so special and unique. Why you should own one, play one or at least know what makes them different to your more traditional Acoustic Guitar brand!

Firstly he talks about how Taylor craft their beautiful acoustic guitars and how it differs from what you may thing is the age old ‘perfect’ way to make a great sounding, looking and playing acoustic guitar. How they utilise modern manufacturing processes to craft quality instruments on a large scale with no room for error.

What specific techniques Taylor use to build their guitars, how they get their necks consistently perfect, showing why they’re regarded as one of the most playable necks in the industry.

What variations and tonewoods are available in the Taylor lineup, touching on how there is a Taylor guitar out there for everyone and anyone, and what specific one you should look for if your environmentally conscious!

And finally decoding an understanding the Taylor Model Names, it’s so much easier than you think!

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0:00 Intro
1:23 Why They Are Considered The ‘Perfect’ Acoustic Guitar
2:30 How Taylor Guitars Modern Manufacturing Process is Unique
3:25 What Construction Method Makes Them Play Fantastic From The Factory
4:50 What Model Variations Are Available From Taylor
5:35 The Incredible Tonewoods They Use
6:48 Understanding Taylors Model Names
10:23 Final Thoughts On Taylor Guitars & Outro

Taylor Guitars was conceived in 1974, with founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug seeking to elevate the art of acoustic guitar design while maintaining traditional approaches to guitar engineering.

Courtesy of unparalleled attention to detail from their master craftsmen, ethical tonewood sourcing and a roster of infamous players, Taylor instruments have become some of the finest Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Guitars money can buy.

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