Shannon from Yamaha showed us the business’s brand-new nylon string NX series at NAMM 2020. There are six guitars broken down into two groups: the NTX and NCX lines.

The NTX is called for its a thinner body depth, which has a slimmer neck to go along with it. This is well fit for steel string players who desire the sound of a nylon string guitar. It includes a solid top. and onboard electronic devices. The NTX 1 has a traditional preamp, while the NTX 3 and NTX 5 have Yamaha’s new Atmosfeel system. It’s a three-way system with 2 pickups and a microphone, allowing you to mix the quantity of output for each. This permits the electronic devices to keep the exact same heat at all volume levels.

The NCX, named for its “classical” body shape and size, likewise has three different designs. It includes normal nylon string guitar depth and profile, and likewise includes onboard electronics.