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00:00 – Introduction.
00:59 – Over the hills and far.
02:00 – Wanted dead or alive.
03:53 – Arpeggio “The appeal of open chords”.
04:25 – Light strumming “The beauty of open chords”.
04:58 – Always somewhere.
05:14 – The noise of silence.
06:06 – Una vita da mediano.
06:46 – Million factors.
08:12 – Outro.

Tone demo of my Yamaha LL1612 twelve strings guitar. You REQUIRED a 12 strings in your guitarist life!
My personal 12 reasons:.
1) It just sounds sparkling extraordinary. The richness, the armonics, the sustain, the vibrations … 2) You must have one if you wish to nail the sound of some iconic rock and roll tunes.
3) It assists establish your tuning abilities. Listen at it and discover the out of tune strings without a tuner.
4) It helps establish strenght in your worrying hand. Double strings = doulbe force needed (it’s not exactly true but you get the point).
5) It assists establish accuracy in your worrying hand. You have less area in between strings so you need to be extremely precise to avoid undesirable strings muting.
6) It’s fantastic to strum over 12 strings. Try and you’ll understand the sensation under your pick.
7) Did I mention it has VOLUME?
8) Every non guitarist will stare at you believing: “What guitar is that?” “How does he/she play 12 strings?” “He/She must be a master”.
9) It looks cool.
10) Another factor to have another guitar in your toolbox.
11) Tune it in Drop D and you are in tone heaven (or hell).
12) I don’t actually have a 12th point, however even with the 12 strings if you break one ore two strings it does not really matter, it still sounds extraordinary (other than if you break the high G string, that remains in my opinion the most crucial one in a 12. Unfortunately it’s the thinnest, typically the one you constantly break!).

This is my very first quality acoustic I bought around 2003.
I clearly remember at that time I made A/B comparison against numerous 12 strings, for sure Martin, Takamine and Ovation, in the 1000EUR ballpark. This one looked, sounded and felt the very best to me.

Strong Englemann spruce leading.
Solid Rosewood back and sides.
Mahogany and rosewood neck.
Ebony fretboard.

Shure MV88 condenser microphone.
Martin additional light string set (set up number of days before the demo, they were a little rusty as you can see in the video but this didn’t threaten the common sparkling tone of fresh strings).

#LL 1612.
#LL 16-12.