In this video, I’m breaking down the 10 albums that had a huge influence on my life and growth as a musician. Whatever from individuals, places, quotes, performances, and instruments can impact your guitar journey. However what’s the typical thread? Albums.

I can’t make a list of leading 10 albums EVER. Nevertheless, I can make a list of 10 albums that changed my life. My hope is that, through the power and magic of music, I’m able to assist you show on the albums that have actually altered your life.

To help spark your imagination and interest in your own guitar journey, I broke my list into 3 classifications: important, bluegrass, and singer-songwriter.

00:00 – Why I Made this List
1:30 – Instrumental Guitar Albums
15:01 – Bluegrass Guitar Albums
21:11 – Addressing Comments from the Nashville Episode
26:30 – Guitar Gratitude, Guitarsenals, and Mail Call
32:32 – Singer-Songwriter/Blues Albums
43:19 – Where’s the Magic? (Wedding photos?).

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