daddy’s brand-new toy!
Made by Alex Kirtley in the UK
Basic tuning tuned down to B.

I’m playing:.
00:06 1- You Do Not Love Me (Mance Lipscomb), E position.
01:45 2- Guitar Stomp (Walter Roland/Leadbelly) C position.
03:17 3- Infant Don’t You Love Me No More (Leadbelly) D position.
04:45 4- One Way Gal (William Moore) D position.
06:12 5- Do not You Leave Me Here (Jelly Roll Morton) G position.
07:14 6- Blues in D (daddystovepipe) drop D tuning, D position.

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My own art work of “Blind Willie McTell” and “Leadbelly”, acrylics on canvas.
The leather wrap in between the bridge and tailpiece eliminates a high frequency buzzing.